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T.V. Ramprasadh

T.V. Ramprasadh is a vocalist in the Carnatic tradition of Indian classical music. In his uncompromising adherence to its traditional core, Ramprasadh stands tall as a veteran practitioner of this complex, technically rigorous, spiritually unbounded and timeless tradition of Indian music.

As a performer, composer, master and practicing scholar his eminence in the field spans over 39 years of his performing and 30 years of teaching experiences. As of today, he continues to devote himself to in-depth practice, performance, and transmission of the core foundational aspects, as well as, the explorative and boundless creative scopes distinguishable of Carnatic music.

In addition to his professional commitments to music and teaching, a larger side of his pursuits involve deeply personal social and educational drives at the very grass root levels. His relentless commitment in these directions comprise of some traditionally groundbreaking visionary projects that constantly keep him engaged. His intent of working with all genres of people and children with limited privileges goes towards direct initiatives of exposing everyone to music, yoga, and value education which helps immensely in developing awareness and life skills.